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 Sports lid load bed tonneau covers are a popular alternative to a truck top or canopy. 

The Hard ABS shell of the lid offers you increased security without the compromise on looks.
Our Sports lid tonneau covers are tough, durable and allow easy access to the items in the truck bed with the dual gas struts for cushioned closing, A twin bulb neoprene rubber seal ensures goods remain dry. 
The smooth operation of the sports lid is assured by the specific scissor hinge system and powerful gas rams. 
Twin sheet ABS makes the Sports Lid load bed tonneau covers the most resilient, robust and stylish on the market. 
Compare the robust feautures of the Sportlid against the lesser EGR cover and make an informed choice. 
Our Sports Lid is also a completely non -drill installation.
Supplied in a standard finish white the covers are usually, though not always colour coded to the vehicle for Belgium only

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