Did you know that the Road Ranger’s VW Amarok RH04 hardtop in Profi+ version is sent to the Volkswagen factory for the first assembly?

Yes, our Polish product – the RH04 hardtop in Profi+ version, i.e. with the tinted privacy side windows which open upwards, is supplied to the Volkswagen factory in Hanover.

There, it is installed at the final stage of assembly, and the fully-equipped Amarok is delivered complete to the dealer. Hardtops are not supplied in cardboards as is the case with other models of Road Ranger products. They are transported using the specially designed stackable racks. The has been planned in such a way so as not to waste time unpacking the product.

The VW Amarok RH04 hardtop in Profi version can be ordered through the authorised Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealer only.

Source : Michel Quevrain

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