Stainless steel roll bars Mercedes X class for Roll-N-Lock shutter


Also embedded into the bar is a high level brake lamp.

You can mount spot lamps to this bar but 3" light brackets will be required.

Roll Bars are sometimes referred to as pick up sports bars, pick up styling bars, pick up roller bars.

Please Note:

This bar will not fit as a stand alone bar out of the box and requires additional fixings to mount to a vehicle or must be fitted in combination with specific tonneau covers. This bar will work with the Roll N Lock combined with the Quick-foot kit. When combined with the Quick-foot kit this bar can become a stand alone roll bar. Please see additional options above for all available covers.

The roll bar is made from a high quality 3" stainless steel tubing and polished to give a mirror like shine. It consists of a single hoop behind the vehicle cab and from this single hoop two stays come back towards the middle of the bed.