Drawer kit for Ford Ranger DC


Complete kit of 2 drawers Decked for Ford Ranger DC.

The advantages of Decked Kit:

    Ergonomics and capacity:
    Decked drawers have a load capacity of 90 Kg per drawer. They will allow you to load your tools without limit and keep them at hand. The opening of the drawers is done by the tilting of the metal handle. The self-locking drawers will stay locked when moving your vehicle.

    DECKED tool boxes and drawers keep your tools and equipment safe, dry and protected from the elements.
    Drawer cases ARE weather resistant. However, the drawers are not airtight.
    Dust and mist in the air can seep into the drawers.

    It is possible to install a lock on each drawer.

    Upper floor:
    The design and quality of the materials used for the realization of the floor and the support of drawers allow a loading above the floor of 900 Kg.
    The kit can therefore be used with or without closing the type Hard top or covers dump.

American product of very good quality.

Complete kit of 2 drawers Decked for Ford Ranger DC. Kit composed of: - 1 narrow drawer - 1 wide drawers - 1 upper floor + support drawers + storage boxes. - Mounting kit and assembly instructions