Complete kit with 2 XC-XPL6 led bar Mercedes-Benz Class X 2017


Led bar kit for Mercedes-Benz Class X 2017, all versions combined.

With the Vision X Bumper Bar Kit, you can dramatically improve the lighting of your vehicles while maintaining their original appearance.

Vision X kits are designed for the customer with supports specific to each model. Its installation requires little or no modification.

Kit composition:

    2 x led bar XC-XPL6
        6 x 5W (2)
5 ° Spot         3210 lm         60W         L239 x H51 x W 55mm (2)              Black steel fixing kit     Wiring with switch and quick plug     Installation instructions The XC-XPL6 (60W) bar with its '' IRIS optical '' technology offers a very good light propagation over distance and low sides. The perfect choice for users who want to see always further thanks to the power of the XPL bar. Its high-density, 10W, high-density diodes give your XPL Bar a perfect light in any condition. The most demanding will not be disappointed! An intense light with a perfect color of 5500K (Kelvin degrees)!


Brand Mercedes
Model Classe X 2017>
Complete XC-XPL6 Led Bar Kit from Vision X for Mercedes-Benz Class X 2017 - 2 x led bar XC-XPL6 - Fixing kit - Wiring with switch - Installation instructions