Coating : tonneau protection


- Available in black, for the protection of a complete bucket.

- Exceptional single-component polyurethane coating with very high adhesion containing suspended rubber particles, which was initially developed for the automotive industry. By extension, this product has been used in the maritime industry and in architecture.

- Applicable on practically all supports (metals, concretes, wood, fiberglass, rubber and most plastics including PVC).

- Has an excellent glossy and slightly rough finish.

- Is a flexible, non-slip, waterproof, rot-proof coating, extremely resistant to abrasion, heat, light, acids, essences and solvents, as well as sea water.

- Offers excellent protection against rust.

- Available in black or tintable

- Possibility of adding a non-slip

- De prijs is inclusief het berijpen van de emmer + installatie van het product in onze werkplaatsen - Voor kipper van nieuw voertuig of al geregistreerd - Prijs afhankelijk van de staat van de emmer