aluminium Hard top Nissan Navara DC D40 2005>


Alu-Cab we cut our teeth on Aluminium canopies. We really beleive that the experience we gained building canopies is what got us to where we are today. Aluminium canopies just make complete sense. They may not look as flush as their fibreglass competitors, but that is where the comparison ends. In every other aspect Aluminium canopies win hands down. Here are just a few reasons why we recommend and build most of our canopies in Aluminium:

Strength: Aluminium canopies are stronger than all other competitors. One of our valued customers – a rental company – has an Aluminium canopy that has been involved in no less than three road accidents – all roll overs. Yet todate, it’s still in use and as strong as ever.

Longevity: Because they are Aluminium, Alu-Cab canopies can outlast any other product on the market. No rusting, no weathering no cracking. Now that’s value for money and what one looks for in a product.

Weight. Aluminium canopies can weigh in from as little as 50 kgs. Aluminium allows us to build a metal canopy without the extra weight one finds in steel units. Truth be told, some of our more basic Aluminium canopies are even lighter than fibreglass.

Practical. Our side doors really give us an advantage over all our competitors. This is where practicality in design comes to the fore. The sides of our canopies open right up allowing access to every part of the load bin without having to scramble in from the rear end. Once you have it, you will never settle for anything less.

Adaptable. With our latest designs in canopy you can bolt on cupboards, kitchen or recovery. Bolt-on ammo box slides, jerry can holders, gas bottle holders; anything you need can be added at any stage. And they are just as easy to remove after a day’s work or a stint in the bush.

Capacity. Another immediate advantage is loading capacity. The canopy roof is braced with cross members to allow for loading items directly to the roof. This effectively eliminates the need for an extra roof rack – a cost saving of some R4000. Tents can also be bolted directly to the roof. This also helps to keep a lower profile on the tent which substantially reduces wind drag while travelling.

Recyclable. Pure Aluminium is environmentally friendly. So at the end of their lifecycle, Aluminium canopies can simply be melted down and recycled.

You can load 150 kg on the roof, thanks to the numerous internal reinforcements and 4 beams that constitute the rigidity of the assembly.


some qualities of silver aluminium hard tops: